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Well Intervention & Scale Removal

Wireline / Slickline Broaching: ​

JRG Energy uses a wireline/slickline supervision and project management services include surveys, well intervention and remediation operations that use either E-line or slickline to convey tools downhole. 

JRG Energy partners with local service providers to offer a turn-key slickline or E-line service that includes pre-job planning and assessment of all the problematic wells requiring intervention. This includes: well data review, reservoir analysis, broaching for scale removal, intervention expectations and measurement criteria, post job evaluation and continuous monitoring/support.​


Coil and Capillary Tubing Operations:

JRG Energy offers expert supervision and project management of coil and capillary tubing operations through their networks of international providers. This includes, live well scale cleanouts using mills and under-reamers, acid washing, acid placement, air and nitrogen lifts, fishing, cementing and well abandonments, casing scrapers, geothermal plug and packer setting/retrieving, tool conveyance in difficult wells and tubing conveyed perforation services. 

Chemical Inhibition:

JRG Energy offers chemical inhibition systems as a turn-key solution. JRG’s team take chemical samples from the resource and wellbore and have them analyzed in a laboratory.  After the analysis are complete, JRG’s team can source and procure a chemical solution from a qualified chemical supplier.  JRG can also design the system, either downhole or surface, to inject the chemical. This includes surface monitoring set-ups. Finally, JRG can manufacture (or source the manufacturing), test, install and commission the system before handing it over to the client.

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