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Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions & Energy Transition

Helping Navigate the Energy Transition

Leveraging Renewable Energy and Sustainability Best Practices

JRG Energy is helping mining, O&G, and heavy industry navigate the energy transition with renewable and sustainable solutions from identification to execution.

Pressure to address climate change, reduce emissions, keep stakeholders happy, live up to ESG requirements, and attract new investment all comes down to the optimization of your energy consumption and process efficiencies.

JRG Energy will work with your existing technical team to identify existing assets for optimization, reframe utilization of land and rooftop real estate, and manage recommendations from start to finish.

Sustainable Energy Solutions
Geothermal Engineering

Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Desktop Pre-Feasibility Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Pilot Implementation

  • Testing

  • Commercial Implementation

  • Monitor and Maintain

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