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The JRG Team at Work


Rig Dominica.jpg

Geothermal Wireline and Well Testing

Dominica, Caribbean

JRG Energy are providing wireline personnel to enable IDC to perform wireline logging and well testing of the proposed drilling program. This involves procurement of equipment, operating and helping maintain the equipment, collecting downhole PTS data, managing and performing the well test as per the program, analysis of the reservoir and geochemcial data, and reporting all data in a professional manner.


London City

Geothermal Ground Source Heat-Pump Feasibility Study

London, UK

JRG Energy worked with a large property developer in the process of developing a new major office building in the centre of London. The Client was interested in exploring various low-carbon technologies for providing the building’s heating and cooling demands and specified that they are interested in investigating the feasibility of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems. JRG Energy carried out a geothermal resource assessment to determine the characteristics of the subsurface geology and hydrogeology at the site location. Each aspect was assessed, and GSHP system options generated, taking the specific requirements of the Client and the site into account. From the information gathered, it was possible for JRG Energy determine that the characteristics provided a suitable setting for numerous GSHP system options and present the client with recommendations for next steps in the project.


Marriot Rig Tulu Moye 2 - Copy.jpg

Wireline and Well Testing


JRG Energy are providing wireline personnel and equipment to enable Mariott Drilling to perform geothermal logging and well testing of the proposed drilling program at Tulu Moye and Corbetti fields. This involves procuring, operating and helping maintain the equipment, collecting downhole PTS data, analyzing datasets, writing technical programs, managing and performing the well test, and reporting all data in a professional manner to the client.


Kenya Nakuru February 2012 (74).JPG

Technical Assistance


Through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT), JRG is providing managerial and technical capacity building to strengthen GDC’s ability to prepare for its operational management role at the Menengai Geothermal Field, Kenya. This will include supporting GDC to develop its operational management framework, technical competencies, systems, standards and procedures, and the institutional and human capacity that will be needed to efficiently manage the Menengai Geothermal Field (ongoing).


Image by Denys Nevozhai

Direct Use & Geochemistry Consulting


Geochemistry Consulting in Paris.  JRG Energy consulted on a project in Paris where we reviewed geochemistry and mineralogy data of target reservoirs, likely reactions for higher injection temps based on returns, and provision of lab testing workflow to verify results.



Well Testing

St Vincent, Caribbean

Performed geothermal well testing and wireline surveys on 3 geothermal exploration wells in St Vincent, Caribbean. JRG managed all site tasks including procurement of wireline equipment and operating equipment on-site for surveys/well tests.



Well Testing & Procurement


JRG Energy assisted the lead technical adviser to Electric de Djibouti (backed by the World Bank) to drill, test and eventually produce the Fiale geothermal resource in Djibouti. JRG Energy is assisting the client by providing well test equipment, performing the well’s geothermal wireline surveys and well testing.


Drone Rig Inspection web.jpg

Asset Inspection

New Zealand

JRG Energy's sister company, Aerosphere Inspection, was contracted to perform an asset inspection and 3D model creation of an off-shore oil production platform.  The team used UAVs with various cameras and sensors to collect data from the structure to generate a risk/inspection report. The images were also combined to create a comprehensive 3D model which was used in a virtual reality VR/AR platform.

Q1 2019

JRG and SGS PH web.jpg

Geothermal Well Enhancement


JRG Energy worked as part of a team that introduced and executed a reservoir enhancement technique regarding calcite and silica removal using slickline broaching and acidizing with capillary tubing.  The project was done in partnership with SGS Philippines and Australasia.  JRG Energy has been engaged in this project for over 2 years and is still ongoing.

Q1 2019


Capillary Tubing Installation


JRG Energy designed and installed a capillary tubing system for geothermal production wells at Cerro Prieto. The system was installed, tested and replicated in 19 different wells across the field to mitigate silica scaling and corrosion due to acidic wells.



Geothermal Well Maintenance & Capacity Building

Montserrat, Caribbean

JRG Energy has been contracted by the Government of Montserrat (GoM) for maintaining the integrity of the wellhead equipment on 3 geothermal wells.  JRG Energy sent a Well Services Engineer to Montserrat to perform an initial inspection of the wellheads and all flow test equipment and ancillary tools. Following this, a maintenance plan has been developed by JRG Energy and the team will send two Well Services Engineers to Montserrat to carry out the works to achieve well flow for two of the wells while building the technical capacity of the local operators.


Figure 23 - Sediment thickness in USA.png

Geothermal Market Feasibility Report for Sedimentary Basins

North America - Japan

JRG Energy conducted a Market & Desktop Pre-Feasibility Study for a major Japanese conglomerate providing a comprehensive review of Geothermal power generation using hot sedimentary reservoirs throughout North America (focus on US, Canada). The report provided clarity on the potential of this emerging market for geothermal development focusing on the technological and economic analysis to explore the re-purposing of O&G wells as well as drilling new wells in sedimentary basins.  


PGPC broaching_edited.jpg

Scale Removal and Production Enhancement


 JRG Energy worked with Philippines Geothermal Production Company (PGPC) to manage a slickline well intervention campaign for five major production wells aimed at increasing production. The project consisted of pre-job planning and engineering, procurement of specialized tools, site supervision, training, and reporting. The results produced over 8 additional MW across the two wells with more planned in 2023.


Image by David Vives

World Bank Regulatory Study


JRG Energy led a multi-disciplinary consultancy team conducting an international review of geothermal electricity generation and direct use regulations for the World Bank and the Ministry of Energy of Chile. Technical specifications will be used to inform the Government of Chile’s drafting of a geothermal shallow direct use registry as well as safety and sustainability regulations for proposed regulatory amendments to the geothermal law.


Image by Hu Chen

Geology Consulting / On Job Training on Geological Data Collection

Uganda & Tanzania

JRG Energy provided geological consulting services for two UNEP ARGeo projects in Uganda and Tanzania. One of three outside experts providing technical advice for the exploration of geothermal prospects near Kibiro, Uganda, and Ngozi, Tanzania. Responsibilities include: a review of all geological data, hands-on training of local personnel on geological data collection and interpretation to geologists at DGSM and TDGC, and development of integrated conceptual models to identify target sites for possible exploration wells


DSC_0031 (2).jpg

Instructional Course


JRG Energy was contracted to teach a slickline/wireline course for geothermal well testing. The course consisted of equal amounts of classroom theory and site demonstrations to teach scale removal, fishing and safety procedures.



Direct-use Feasibility Study

New Zealand

JRG Energy performed a desktop study for a dairy client to asses the feasibility of utilizing existing geothermal assets for their dairy pasteurization process. The study included technical review, engineering practicality and previous case studies to create multiple business cases for the client to consider.


Mexico Silica Extraction web.jpg

Mineral Extraction Plant Study


JRG Energy performed a Silica extraction and mineral plant study and business plan at Cerro Prieto, Mexico. JRG performed geochemical analysis combined with an engineering feasibility overview for 1/2 a year.  The results were used to create a business case for the client.

Q1 2019

Frac Spread_2_Moment.jpg

Well Stimulation and Perforation

New Zealand

JRG Energy was the site manager/supervisor for all 3rd party contractors used to perform a multi-stage well stimulation (frac) on a large production field. The project included supervising main industry contractors (Halliburton, SGS, Schlumberger) to optimise the efficiency of the operation and ensure everyone complied with technical procedures, HSE, protocol, and environmental regulations.


Geothermal Well Test Survey

General Well Services

New Zealand

JRG Energy lead operations for Implementation testing and data acquisition essential to the development and implementation of a reservoir management strategy for geothermal fields operated by power generation companies in New Zealand.


Irena report.JPG

IRENA Geothermal Technology Report


JRG Energy, through it's contractor Witteveen & Bos, produced a study for IRENA analyzing the geothermal market, geothermal technology development in recent years and assessing the current status of geothermal energy within the global energy market.

As part of this work, JRG Energy personnel also undertook:

  • A comprehensive literature review to identify the status, trends and perspectives for the geothermal industry in the context of energy transition, at both regional and national scales,

  • The development of a consultation meeting with key stakeholders, in coordination with IRENA and IGA,

The preparation of a high-quality report highlighting the findings of the consultation meeting, the interviews undertaken with the key stakeholders, and the literature review.


Plug in Indonesia 2.jpg

High-Temperature Packer for Geothermal Wells


JRG Energy provided high temperature equipment procurement, engineering services and operational support to assist with the first deployment of a high-temp packer for geothermal well isolation. JRG managed pre-job and on-site engineering services, working with manufacturers designing the equipment to withstand the harsh geothermal environment, while providing expert engineering and project management services for the success of the project.


Wellhead IR.png

Coil Tubing Scale Removal


JRG Energy worked with the local Philippines geothermal company, Energy Development Corporation (EDC) to manage a coil tubing well intervention campaign for 2 x major production wells. The project consisted of pre-job planning and engineering, procurement of specialized tools, site supervision, training, and reporting. The results produced over 7 additional MW across the two wells.


Camels on Site.JPG

Technical Support for Preparation of the Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility Round 6

Djibouti & Tanzania

Through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT), JRG provided technical advice and support to two East African partner organizations in Djibouti and Tanzania in preparing funding applications for surface studies and drilling programmes from the 6th round of the GRMF. Support was for ODDEG’s North Ghoubbet, Djibouti surface studies, and the drilling programme for TGDC in Songwe, Tanzania, and Northwest Asal, Djibouti.


JRG sunrise on location.JPG

Coil Tubing Scale Removal


JRG Energy successfully launched an innovative Coil Tubing-Scale Removal campaign in the Philippines. This included sourcing equipment, designing specialized equipment, managing logistics/customs, implementation and engineering, commissioning equipment, managing multiple international sub-contractors, COVID-19 quarantines, and more to achieve results. Highlights on the first well include milling with an industry first all metal-motor in +250 degC environment with an average ROP of 37m/hr, utilizing high-temp air hammers with customized bits, and engineering equipment modifications to improve the efficiency of subsequent campaigns.  



Technical Risk Review


JRG Energy formed a multi-disciplinary team of specialized geothermal experts to perform a due diligence, gap analysis and technical risk assessment for MIGA (insurance arm of the World Bank) regarding the Tulu Moye Geothermal Project in Ethiopia. The team analysed all reports and data provided for the client to generate two technical risk reviews and reported findings.



Wireline Fishing


JRG Energy was contracted to fish tools lost in a large geothermal production well. The work was performed in collaboration with the GREG team of EDC to remove tools successfully using slickline techniques.

Q1 2019

JRG in Armenia web.jpg

Geothermal Slim Well Testing


JRG Energy designed, performed and analysed the first-ever geothermal well tests and geological, resource analysis of two slim-production wells in southern Armenia.  JRG Energy provided a geothermal team responsible for all aspects of the well testing, including planning, procurement, site operations, analysis, modeling, and analytical reporting for 1 year.

Q1 2019

Well Intervention Philippines web.jpg

Well Test & Intervention Training


JRG Energy trained EDC geothermal operations personnel on geothermal well testing, well intervention, PTS data quality assurance, tracer flow testing, and design and installation of chemical inhibition system.


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