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The JRG Energy Team


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Operations Manager, Geothermal Project Manager

Well Intervention Technology and Management, Reservoir Management

John began his career as a wireline field engineer with Schlumberger and progressed throughout North America and Australasia geo-markets. This work included onshore, offshore, deepwater, mineral, and geothermal exploration. He later moved to New Zealand to pursue the geothermal industry. He accepted a position as Well Services Manager in Taupo, NZ with a geothermal service company and contributed to the success of many different projects within the upstream geothermal sector. These projects include wireline and slickine logging, well intervention scale removal using slickline and capillary tubing, design/commissioning of anti-scalant systems in geothermal wells, well testing and analysis, and well intervention training. John has worked in several locations throughout the world including Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, and the US. 



Business Development, Geothermal Project Manager

Patrick has 15 years of marketing, brand management, communications and sales enablement experience, with over 12 years specific to the geothermal industry. Patrick has spent his career helping energy service companies redefine their brand within the energy sector, while positioning and promoting geothermal at every opportunity.  In doing so, Patrick has worked with dozens of energy service companies to implement proven strategic marketing initiatives (brand management, web development, advertising campaigns, market research and social media management, etc.) In addition, Patrick's been a part of developing sales tools that leverage the marketing initiatives to position companies like JRG Energy for success.



Legal Adviser, Renewable Energy Expert

Sebastián Saá’s practice focuses on Energy and Natural Resources matters, particularly on government contracting, international negotiations, and mergers and acquisitions. He has broad experience in taxes and tax structuring, as well as energy project financing.  Sebastián Saá was a partner in a prestigious Ecuadorian firm, where he led the Energy and Natural Resources area, as well as the New Businesses area.  He handled various local and international clients in oil and gas, where he headed up some of the most important oil-related negotiations following enactment of the new Hydrocarbons Law (2010).

He has completed various courses and obtained accreditation in negotiations, and centers much of his practice on handling complex negotiations.  He has also represented diverse public sector energy entities, which has afforded him a comprehensive vision of the business. Sebastian holds an LLM from George Washington University and a Graduate Diploma in Energy and Natural Resources from University of Melbourne. Sebastian is part of the JRG Energy team since 2016.

upstream geothermal services

Andrew Austin.PNG

Well Test Engineer / Reservoir Technician


Field Exploration and Development, Well Testing and Management

Andrew has extensive site and office experience within the geothermal industry. He has 31 years of industry experience and 12 years of geothermal experience. Having worked for both service companies and power production companies, Andrew has gained a wide range of experience and skills.  These skills include coordination and supervision of well testing, chemical inhibition system designs, wireline unit engineering, mechanical maintenance and installation, and well services training. Andrew has trained individuals throughout the Philippines, New Zealand, PNG and Australia.  

Wireline and Completions Engineer


Wireline, Completions, and Renewables Engineer

Kidane began his career as a wireline field engineer with Weatherford and progressed throughout the Australasian and North American geo-markets. He was accomplished in both open and cased hole logging and has won various HSE and operational awards. He later moved back to New Zealand where he started to pursue his career in the geothermal industry. He accepted a position as Wireline Engineering Manager in Taupo, NZ with a geothermal service company. His role was managing a wireline, slickline, and capillary services team, and contributed to the success of many other abstract projects within the upstream geothermal sector. These projects include: wireline and slickine logging, well intervention scale removal using slickline and capillary tubing, DTS systems, independent control systems using solar, and more . He is now working with JRG Energy as a wireline engineer on multiple projects across the globe and has also been involved in some “start up” solar operations. Kidane holds a ME (Hons) in Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Well Intervention Engineer


Duncan began his career as an assistant driller in the oil/gas and geothermal industry working on various drilling rigs throughout Australia and New Zealand.  He later started working as a wireline, slickline, and capillary services engineer. He is now working with JRG Energy as a well intervention engineer/Projects engineer on multiple projects across the globe. Duncan has over 14 years of experience with practical, hands-on experience operating upstream equipment. He now resides in Germany and will be a key attribute to any site works or sub-contractor audits.


Drilling Supervisor


Celal is a skilled Drilling Supervisor with 13 years of International geothermal drilling experience (Iraq, Georgia, Indonesia, Singapore, Tunisia, Malaysia) in performing Drilling Engineering and Well Site Drilling Supervisor positions. To date, he has supervised and worked on more than 80 wells.  Celal holds a B.S. in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and over a dozen drilling certificates such as IWCF Surface BOP Stack Well Control and MODUSPEC Land Rig and Jack-up Rig Inspection Workshop.

Tony Berben.jfif

Well Intervention Engineer


Tony began his career as a machinist, designing and manufacturing downhole wireline tools for the geothermal industry. He later joined a well services company as a wireline/slickline supervisor for the geothermal industry. Tony is prolific in wireline/slickline surveys, slickline scale removal, fishing, capillary tubing, coil tubing, wireline plugs/packers and training of all the aforementioned services.

Geothermal & water


Jason Fisher.jpg

Geologist, Geothermal Project Manager


Power Plant Development and Project Planning

Gordon has 30 years of experience in the energy industry worldwide. He has worked on a number of geothermal projects including more recently the Te Huka Binary Plant and Te Mihi Steamfield Power Station. Gordon’s experience within the geothermal industry is vast and his diversity can be seen through involvement in steamfield, power station, transmission and geothermal water treatment projects. Gordon has been involved in successful geothermal projects, including direct heat, from conception and planning through to development and delivery.

milly photo.PNG

Project Engineer


Steamfield/Power Plant Development and Project Planning

Milly has seven years of experience within the geothermal industry. Her strengths are based around project planning, execution, and delivery of a range of geothermal infrastructure. She has been intimately involved with numerous steamfield projects along with power stations and geothermal water treatment systems. With a background in both engineering and management, she has a unique perspective of project planning and development within the industry.

Tom Zink.PNG

Geothermal Project Manager


Tom is a commercially astute engineer with 29 years experience in project management and project development including working in design office, construction site, plant commissioning and operating environments within the mining, electricity generation, pollution control, and pulp and paper industries in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Malaysia. Has successfully developed and/or delivered several large (NZ$ 100m plus) electricity generation projects. Active in all facets of the project lifecycle, from concept and business case development, resource consenting, tendering and contracting, construction and commissioning, through to reporting overall progress up to Board level. Self-employed, trading as Verso Consulting Ltd a New Zealand registered company, providing project development and project management services to industry. Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng – Management), New Zealand Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Project Management Professional (PMP)

Anna Colvin.jfif

Senior Wellsite Geologist


Anna is a Senior Geothermal geoscientist providing technical consulting services to the international geothermal industry in support of exploration and development using a conceptual model approach. Services include: geological exploration reconnaissance, due diligence for geothermal asset valuation, geochemical sampling of hot springs, fumaroles and well tests, geothermal resource capacity and well target assessment, well planning and reporting, wellsite geology, wireline well logging and evaluation, geoscience data integration and geothermal conceptual model development. Ten years of experience primarily with private developers exploring high enthalpy geothermal prospects in Chile, Peru and the USA and reviewing developed fields in the Philippines, Indonesia and New Zealand.


Yariv Photo.png

Yariv Edery

Solar Energy Consultant

Solar Feasibility, Design and Project Management

Yariv has 14 years of experience in the solar energy industry, consulting on solar technologies. Gaining office and site experience, Yariv overseen over 6,600m2 of solar panels installations, annually producing 3.2GW of free energy and reducing 814 tonnes of CO2 every year. Yariv’s educational background is in renewable energy sciences, robotics & automation, economics, management and marketing. Through his passion for renewable energy he has kept abreast of technology advances to ensure the creation of smarter and more efficient energy systems that meet the highest environmental construction standards.

Navratan Photo.PNG


Solar Energy Consultant

Solar Consultant and International Renewable Energy Business Manager

Navratan has an abundance of knowledge in both renewables energy engineering market as well as business management and ventures. He is known as an expert in his field by his peers and has cross-functional experience of over 27 years in Solar and Wind energy, electrical and IT domains specifically in functions like strategy, marketing, business development & diversification, technology, customer service, and quality. Navratan is currently listed as a Solar technology commercial and strategic consultant in renewable energy, corporate training, and creating new businesses for current and existing clients. His tasks include due diligence, LIE support – contractual, legal, commercial, technical, and enhancing business propositions. He has completed a Master's degree in both Engineering and Business Management. Navratan has worked in many different countries covering an array of disciplines and projects including Solar pumps, residential solar initiatives, agricultural solar and wind projects, solar telecom towers, PV projects, wind turbine installation, to name a few.