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Clean energy solutions with JRG Energy

Discover a expert global team delivering innovative solutions across a wide range of projects.

Geothermal Energy for your renewable portfolio.

JRG Energy provides feasibility assessments, project management, supervision, technical support, training, and a range of bespoke services throughout the geothermal lifecycle.

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JRG leverages a core team of employees combined with an international network of consultants to maximise our effective range while minimizing financial overheads, ultimately offering exceptional service at lower costs. This structure allows us to operate legally in remote development areas around the world and allows us to utilise key skills obtained through localised experience.

JRG Energy is able to offer a full suite of services and help your industry navigate the energy transition with renewable and sustainable solutions, from identification to execution.


Renewable solutions today, for a better tomorrow


Well Services

  • Exploration and Surveying

  • Drilling and Well Testing

  • Well Intervention and Scale Removal

  • High Temperature Plugs and Wellhead

  • Removal Service

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Well Services

  • Resource Consenting

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Direct Heat Feasibility Study and Implementation

  • Power Station Engineers

  • Steamfield Design and Procurement

  • Construction Management

  • Peer Review

  • Quality Control and Assurance

  • Contract and Financial Planning

  • Commissioning and Handover


Renewable Energy Solutions

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Solar Energy Services

Feasibility Studies | Business Modelling | Engineering | Project Management | Monitoring | Verification

  • Utility Solar Services

  • Home & Commercial Solar Services

  • Agricultural Solar Services

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Natural Resources

  • Water Resource Management

  • Geothermal Desalination


See how Geothermal works for low-temperature applications

The team at JRG will carry out a geothermal resource assessment to determine the characteristics of the subsurface geology and hydrogeology at the site location.


Each aspect will be assessed to investigate the feasibility of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems, taking in the specific requirements of the client and site. From there JRG Energy can determine various GSHP system options and provide recommendations for the next steps in the project.

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Why JRG Energy?

Extensive experience coupled with high expertise and quality of service. We are a dedicated team of skilled engineers, expert consultants, and experienced technicians who share a common goal - to help you easily achieve your project objectives. Ultimately offering exceptional service at lower costs.


JRG Energy offers a full suite of services covering upstream and downstream geothermal industries as well as solar and natural resource industries.

What makes us different

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Global & Expert Team

We’ve curated an expert team from across the globe, and based abroad, to offer a wider range of expertise and localised market knowledge to better support your projects.

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Driven by adventure

We go to the places in the world that others don't. We're responsive and flexible and enjoy the challenge and adventure along the way.

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Global & Expert Team

Our experience is in the field, not just in theory. Our well-service and drilling gives us deeper understanding to your projects operations and implementation requirements.

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Listening to find the perfect solution

Our ethos is to listen first, to learn about your project and requirements, and to collaborate to find the best solution / approach to your project. We are not a one fits all solution based business.

Recent projects we’ve completed

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About our team

Executive & Legal team
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Director of Operations



Senior Legal Advisor

Geothermal & Projects Team
Upstream Geothermal Services Team
ESG, Environmental & Solar Team

Our Locations

Head Office

New Zealand

+64 21 229 5667

Australasia Branch

Brisbane, Australia

+61 45 048 4410

Europe Branch

Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 91 63 53 85

USA Branch

Ashville, North Carolina

+1 828 2312268

Latin America Branch

Mexico City, Mexico

+52 722 343 1499

Discover renewable energy solutions today for a better tomorrow.

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