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Exploration, Surveying & Inspection

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Geothermal Exploration 

JRG Energy’s Geologist’s and Project Manager’s offer strategic geothermal exploration process consulting.  JRG’s team compares and overlays geological and geophysical data from various datasets.

  • They objectively evaluate three specific parameters when choosing well locations for possible geothermal fields.

  • Suitable type of substratum is needed and proven by existing well data

  • Areas with fractured substratum found by seismic interpretations

  • Possible geothermal areas with high porosity and high permeability at a favorable depth found by AMT/MT and gravity measurements.

  • Positive areas based on these three parameters are outlined in GIS. Well sites are then located where positive areas from each parameter intersect. These intersections are then recommended by JRG as the most suitable reservoirs for geothermal development.

Due Diligence:

JRG Energy’s experienced team of project engineers, analysts, financial managers and geologists understand the importance of mitigating strategic, operational, financial, hazardous, and socio-environmental risks before committing to a project. Technical due diligence services can provide risk analysis for project assessment.  JRG provides due diligence research methods and resource estimates, review of size and capacity of resources, as well as project development studies, risk identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks.

JRG services include practical evaluation, reporting and monitoring risks; thus, minimizing, and controlling the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.

Other Due Diligence services include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, strategic environmental assessment, management, and permitting

  • Technical due diligence of capital spending projects

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