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Drilling, Well Testing, and Reservoir Services

Drilling Management Services: 

JRG Energy offers project management and well testing services for, production and injection wells in all types of environments. JRG’s team covers the entire range of possibilities, from simple, shallow temperature gradient holes to the most complicated, deep multi-legged completions. JRG manages geothermal drilling projects from well site selection to testing and clean-up, including more specifically:

  • Well site selection and targeting

  • Design and permitting

  • Bidding and Contract oversight

  • Geothermal drilling specification and documentation

  • Procurement of geothermal drilling services and management of the bid process

  • Budgeting, management and supervision

  • Resolution of drilling problems

  • Completion and site restoration

  • Workover programs and other remedial activities

Petrophysical Log Interpretation:

Petrophysical well-logs are incremental-depth records of rock, mineral, fluid, and other properties of the subsurface. Wireline on-site supervision and well-log interpretation by JRG Energy’s geologists and petroleum engineers represent a critical component of the exploration and assessment of potential geothermal or hydrocarbon producing formations and reservoirs.  Lean on JRG Energy’s team to provide this supervision and interpretation to help fully understand your downhole environment and design.

  • Wireline contractor procurement

  • Logging program creation

  • On-site logging supervision

  • Log interpretation

  • Fishing supervision

Design and Analysis of Well Tests:
JRG Energy offers design and analysis services for well tests.   Whether the client has a recently completed well or they acquired old wells that need to be evaluated for production or injection feasibility, JRG’s experienced team can design, implement and analyze the well tests.  Such tests include:
  • Single Well Tests

  • Injection Well Tests

  • Flow or Pump Tests

  • Build-Up Tests

  • Multi-Well Interference Tests

  • Well Stimulations

  • Tracer Tests

Reservoir Modelling and Stimulation:

JRG provides reservoir engineers to conduct modelling and recommend stimulation work. For stimulation, JRG Energy includes background research, design and modelling, such as how much additional generation would occur if JRG acidized the well, financial risk assessment (ROI, NPV), procurement of outside services, site supervision, engineering, and post-job well tests.

Completions and Wireline:

JRG Energy’s wireline and completion technologies, thorough planning, and a zero-tolerance approach to risk avoidance maximizes production, reduces intervention costs, and extends the life of the well. The scope of our completion solutions enables you to create a path from formation to surface, regardless of your well type or operating environment. Across cased and open hole completions, JRG delivers products and services to provide optimized solutions to fit specific problems, providing return on your field development investment.


Resource Assessment

JRG Energy’s Reservoir Engineers are trained to reduce resource risk through expert assessment.  Assessing the risks and opportunities in a resource is critical to long term success.  From geological to economic analysis of dry or flash steam and binary cycle geothermal power for low enthalpy, single-phase water, two-phase water, single-phase steam and hypersaline brine, JRGs resource assessment service are all encompassing, including:

  • Integrated, conceptual modeling

  • Reserve estimation

  • Identification and characterization of development risks

  • Optimization of field development

  • Power cycle analysis

  • Field management planning

  • Economic analysis