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High Temp Plugs and Wellhead Removal

High-Temperature Plugs and Packers: ​

JRG Energy has assisted in the development of a Geothermal packer and plug solution to be used in all types and sizes of casing.

  • The hydraulic setting function has been modified to be used on either drill pipe, coil tubing, capillary tubing or E-line and can be retrieved on a conventional wireline set-up or any of the former methods.

  • To provide an efficient and cost effective turn-key solution to wellhead changes, JRG Energy will partner with local well services companies to provide this packer solution to its’ clients.

  • Companies are chosen based on their ability in providing experienced personnel and quality equipment for wireline and well services to the geothermal industry.

plug and packer.JPG
Packer Brochure.JPG
Plug brochure.JPG


  • No Quench required (for most applications)

  • Efficient process (Can be set and retrieved in same day)

  • Much less costs compared to other options

  • Much safer alternative than current geothermal wellhead change out system. Less HSE risks.

  • Reliable operation using proven technology from the oil and gas industry (100% success rate guaranteed)

  • Flexible Service – can be combined with other services such as broaching, gauge rings or PTS surveys

  • Less set-up and prep work required for operation resulting in less downtime for wells

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