Our Experience

Reservoir and Well Intervention

Our Engineers and Consultants have experience including:


  • 20+ Years wireline logging and coil tubing experience with most major service companies


  • Capillary Tubing Installed throughout the geothermal and oil/gas industry all over the globe for pressure monitoring, chemical inhibition, and scale cleanout


  • Advanced stimulation techniques with wireline and coil resulting in additional steam and hydrocarbon recovery


  • Successfully recovering additional MWs of geothermal energy by removing scaling using mechanical means and chemical dosing: New Zealand, Philippines and Mexico


  • Development and implementation of an HSE and Quality Management system for small service companies in the US and Asia Pacific. Numerous safety awards and achievements granted 


  • Design, Manufacture and Implementation of chemical anti-scalant and anti-corrosion inhibition systems using capillary tubing in geothermal wells: Mexico






Project Engineering and Management

Our Project Engineers and Managers have experience including:


  • Worldwide experience in Geothermal and Gas power station design, construction and commissioning


  • 40+ years of successful complete project delivery within the energy industry including Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Gas, Water and Direct Heat applications


  • Development of integrated project management tools and processes to allow efficient and cost effective project execution and management 


  • Several internationally published articles in regards to the geothermal energy industry by certified professional engineers








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