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Executive & Legal Team

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Director of Operations

Geothermal Project Manager


John began his career as a wireline field engineer with Schlumberger and progressed throughout North America and Australasia geo-markets. This work included onshore, offshore, deepwater, mineral, and geothermal exploration. He later moved to New Zealand to pursue the geothermal industry, accepting a position as Well Services Manager with a geothermal service company and contributing to the success of many different projects within the upstream geothermal sector. These projects include wireline and slickine logging, well intervention scale removal using slickline and capillary tubing, design/ commissioning of antiscalant systems in geothermal wells, well testing and analysis, and well intervention training. John started JRG Energy in 2013 and has worked in several locations throughout the world including Africa, Mexico, Armenia, the Caribbean, New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the US. 

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Director, Sales and Marketing


Patrick has 15 years of marketing, brand management, communications, and sales enablement experience, with over 13 years specific to the geothermal industry. This includes 5 years working in Houston, TX with Scientific Drilling International where Patrick led all geothermal marketing and oversaw global geothermal business development strategy for an O&G dominant supplier. Patrick has spent his career helping energy service companies redefine their brand and strengthen strategic customer relationships within the energy sector while positioning and promoting geothermal at every opportunity.  In doing so, Patrick has worked with dozens of energy service companies to implement proven strategic marketing initiatives. In addition, Patrick's been a part of developing sales tools that leverage the marketing initiatives to position JRG Energy for success.



Legal Adviser, Renewable Energy Expert


Sebastián Saá’s practice focuses on Energy and Natural Resources matters, particularly on government contracting, international negotiations, and mergers and acquisitions. He has broad experience in taxes and tax structuring, as well as energy project financing.  Sebastián Saá was a partner in a prestigious Ecuadorian firm, where he led the Energy and Natural Resources area, as well as the New Businesses area.  He handled various local and international clients in oil and gas industry and renewable energy. Sebastian has obtained accreditation in negotiations, and centers much of his practice on handling complex negotiations.  He has also represented diverse public sector energy entities, which has provided him a comprehensive vision of the business. Sebastian holds an LLM from George Washington University and a Graduate Diploma in Energy and Natural Resources from University of Melbourne. Sebastian has been part of the JRG Energy team since 2016.

Geothermal & Special Projects Team

Upstream Geothermal Services Team

ESG, Environmental & Solar Team

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