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Our Mission

To provide value and develop relationships through a full suite of specialized services for the global renewable energy market. We are driven by innovation, experience, and integrity and strive daily to  display these values through all aspects of our work.

Our Story

JRG Energy started in 2013 as a small group of individual consultants servicing the geothermal energy market in New Zealand. Since then, we have been taking on people, projects, and different markets while striving to establish a team of professionals that reflect the core principles in which the company was founded. We believe that business should be more than dollars and cents and thus take an active approach in participating in projects both small and large to help with the global demand for alternative energy.

Our Approach

JRG Energy’s goal is to build a team of professionals that establishes pride in the workplace. Our perseverance, attitude, systems and disciplines focus our efforts into the delivery of excellence. JRG Energy has a profound sense of respect for each other, our clients, the environment and our community. We value longstanding relationships and connection with clients, business partners and with our colleagues across the globe. Trust, integrity and teamwork are the foundations of our culture. We stick by all of our clients and the need to solve their complex problems and challenges. Safety and care are considered in our work practices and are key to the positive solutions we deliver for our clients. Furthermore, we make it a priority to give back to the community and contribute a small portion of every profit earned to the local needs of the area.